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"Wow! Last night I read the second half of +Jane Turley 's new book "The Changing Room" I was completely blown away, couldn't believe I enjoyed it so much. It made me laugh, it made me snigger, and yes, it made me snivel a bit too.

If you're a woman, or if you KNOW a woman, read this book.

If you have a mother, read this book.

If you've ever lived in an English village, read this book.
It's terrific.
I will be posting a full review on Amazon when Saturday gives me a chance. Which may be on Sunday.
Thank you so much +Jane Turley ! "
Damian Trasler, Google +

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"4.5 stars
This is one of the funniest books I've read in a long time. I was laughing out loud many times during the first part of this book. That is before her mother died. There were a few more times after that, but it began to get a little more serious after that, which was fine with me. It was still a good book. The jobs this woman had and the way she did them were hilarious. I especially liked the way she treated revenge. No one was going to get one up on her. I think the Mister Poopy scene was pretty much the best. Or maybe it was Justin the turkey. Ha! There were just so many! This was a hilarious, sad, compassionate and fist pumping book that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was entertainment and more. I definitely recommend this book."
D Krenzer, Goodreads.

"You know how women like to waffle on a bit? Well, every once in a million, one of them comes along that is so funny, you don't want them to stop. Not for a second. Natural talent combined with a great story makes this a must read. Buy it, believe me, you won't be disappointed."
Mr G K Davison, Amazon UK

"This is a very funny book. And yet when you think back on what actually happens, much of it is tragic. Jane Turley has shown us life as it really is, warts and all, and the way her characters deal with their problems resonate with the reader because the same things happen to millions every day... We laugh with Sandy and we cry with her too. A thoroughly enjoyable read."
Linda Huber, Amazon UK

"I just loved this book so much. Could not put it down once I started and definitly couldn't drink anything while reading it or I would have sprayed it all over my Kindle. I can't wait to read more from Jane Turley and truly great author. My son and husband both just look at me strangly while reading cause I would just bust out laughing or tear up one minute or another. Very very good book."
K Sparks,

"Jane Turley hit a home run with this book. It is witty; some times laugh out loud funny. But at other times shows the heartbreak of dealing with a parent suffering from Alzheimer’s. Balancing a family, a job, social functions, and Mom, while still finding the light side of life. Jane gifted me this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Jane for this pleasure."
Dament, Amazon.US

"Having been a follower of Jane's Blog for a number of years I have learnt not to drink whilst reading her blogs having once sprayed tea over my laptop with laughter.
This book was not exception.
For those with a weak bladder reading on the toilet or wearing TENA pants would be advisable."
Strawberries, Amazon US

"Laugh out loud and relates to real life in places, a must read, well written and quite tragic in places. Jane turley is a very talented writer would recommend this book"
Mr Stephen Gair, Amazon UK

"...If you have not read anything by this author - buy, beg, or steal something soon. Her sense of humor in dealing with everyday situations is delightful. Sandy is a middle-aged woman who is stuck in a career that does not have any future and with a Mom that, due to Alzheimer's, doesn't always know her name. This story is about the journey to change her life, focusing on her needs, and taking a good look at what is right for her. I mentioned the laughter, but there were a couple of scenes that brought me to tears. I could hear my dad saying "It's just a book" - as he did when I cried in Where the Red Fern Grows but, like then, the words were so poignant and so real that they touched my heart."
Stacey, Amazon US

"I could not put this book down until I finished it. Sandy life will make you laugh and cry. But her life is just like yours and mine. So many things to do and so many difficult choices to make. This is a comedy drama book that is a "must read.""
P Braswell. Amazon US

"I found this book really great in the way it dealt with a working woman dealing with everyday problems in today's world. From a mother with Alzheimer's's disease to domestic problems with her husband and children and trying to remain an individual pursuing her own goals. Jane Turley has approached the problems with humour and I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good laugh."
R. Burke. Amazon Australia.

"I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. I was intrigued buy the first chapter. As a lover of British comedy, I settled in for a cute read. Then things got really interesting. I literally couldn't put it down. In turns funny and heart tugging, I am hopeful that the hinted at sequel becomes reality and soon."
Mamaallama, Amazon US

"This is the funniest novel I've read in a long time. Jane Turley's natural wit and flair for sharp dialogue make this an absolute pleasure to read. She reminds me of Sue Townsend, with a good dose of Rachel Joyce: all three have a gift for seeing the humour and pathos of ordinary life. Alongside the classic British comedy are deeply moving moments as Sandy looks after her mother, who is becoming increasingly difficult due to Alzheimer's, and loses her brilliant frenemy to illness. There is a strong sense of social justice, responsibility, and the importance of looking after each other and coming together in times of crisis. It is essentially a warm, genuine and life-affirming novel."
E P,, Goodreads

"Jane Turley’s new novel “The Changing Room” is about Sandy an everyday woman approaching middle age who is submerged with managing a full time job at a furniture store, looking after a family of three children and providing administrative help with her husband’s construction business. If that’s not enough, the little time meant for herself is spent looking after her Mum who is suffering from Alzheimer’s.
Jane writes from the heart and there’s a little bit of her in some of her characters. She combines humour with poignancy, a difficult feat to achieve well. Laugh with Sandy as she watches her daughter in the school play or discusses the hilarity of phone sex with her friends. Cry when Sandy realises her Mum isn’t going to recover from her illness or when her friend is suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer.
Jane lets the reader see that no matter how difficult life is, there’s always a silver lining as long as you are prepared to put the effort in. “The Changing Room” is about life in suburbia and how the roles of most women are fixed or predetermined early on in their lives, and how just a little a push from family and friends can change your life for the better.
I enjoyed Jane’s “The Changing Room” and can only hope that she writes a sequel to Sandy’s life that is just as amazing."
Brian Parkin.

"This was the best book I've read in a long time. Full of humor. I felt sorry for the main character, but it made me grateful for those in my own life who are not quite like the characters in the book YET.""

"This book is by far one of the funniest books I have ever read. It was definitely a roller coaster of a read, but one that was completely relatable. At a day where Alzheimers is prevalent in more homes than not, it is hard to find someone who is not affected either directly or indirectly, in one way or another.
This story is about Sandy who is not only a mother of 3 and a wife, she is also taking care of her mother who has Alzheimers. While taking care of her family, volunteering on the PTA, working several jobs including occasionally helping her husband with his construction company, she fights her inner battles and overcomes obstacles by seeing the brighter side. Not once does she lose her nerve, even when facing loss.
It is hard, no.. impossible to not love and admire Sandy. Ms. Turley has put the reader in the story. Everything Sandy faces, we face or have faced. Even when she chooses to honor the wishes of a dying friend, she does so with the same gusto and vigor that she faced everything else.
Once I turned the last page, I found myself wishing for more. I hope there will be another story about Sandy and the next phase of her life. Way to go, Ms. Turley!"
A. Goodson. Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Goodreads

"A beautiful, well-written story about real life people with their real-world troubles- the daughter who can't let go, the antagonising mother who remembers her daughter at the end of the day, the horny but understanding husband, the unscrupulous child... And the premise is universal. When we are having a hard time, we look for doors that separate the bad times from the good, that say, "Here, this here is where the past will not be repeated again." For the protagonist, that door is the new dress and sandals, which make her think new thoughts and feel good about herself! I have not read many women writers- and bringing gender into a review is bad form- but, I think being a woman and having to multi-task more than the average man shows in Jane's work in her poignant telling of emotions, the realism of her dialogues and meticulous attention to detail. The book has a 'personality' of its own, and this from a very voracious reader. It might not be a fantastic saga, but it is definitely a book you can read and get a feel of a woman who lives a difficult life and does the VERY best she can, and who approaches her situation with humour and patience.
Congratulations, Ms Turley. I have followed your well-written blog for a long time, but you have surpassed yourself. Your work shows your long hours of research. Definitely a must-buy."
Smruti, Goodreads.

"Jane is a natural humorist and this is a Bridget Jones-style tale for those of us seeking something funny but with added depth. Not short of laughs, there are some fabulous one-liners in this story of a middle-aged women who's after more adventure in life but who still can't help caring about her (typical) teenage children and her dotty elderly mother. Main character Sandy's struggles with these everyday headaches - such as trying to escape from a dead-end department store job - are painted with such funny prose you can't help smiling. Jane proves herself a master at comic set pieces and the book is at its best when portraying hilarious episodes that would really lend themselves to a retelling on the big or small screen. The overweight heroine trying to catch up with her mother's runaway wheelchair and collaring local youths to help, is just one of the laugh-out-loud moments. Sometimes these slapstick scenes and Jane's frequent asides, while funny, can get in the way of the plot. That said though, I admired and enjoyed the thoughtful and sad moments this story covers too and Jane's musings on life, love and loss are well written. The novel reaches its climax through some engineered means with probably one plot twist too many for me, but I was really uplifted by Sandy's story. One for all of us bogged down by life and in need of a laugh with some real women's wisdom thrown in."
C M Drabwell, Amazon UK

"Thoroughly enjoyed this book. It had me laughing out loud in places."
Anneke Amsden, Amazon UK

"I have been following the writings of Jane Turley for a while on her blog and social media, so I was delighted to have the chance to read her first novel. I enjoy her writing style because it is filled with quirky humour, that is similar to my own, so I was expecting plenty of laughs in this book. It didn't disappoint. There were numerous laugh out loud moments, but there was also some very charming, poignant writing that elevated this book, in my opinion, to five stars. The characters are relatable and the storyline meanders along quite pleasantly with some unexpected twists that may make you blush if you are that way inclined. I'm not the blushing type, but if I ever get over to England I reckon a girls night out with the author would be a complete hoot, and I might be able to add a few interesting words to my vocabulary.
As others reviewers have given a basic outline of the story and characters, I won't do so, but I will finish off by saying that I highly recommend this as a light-hearted all round feel good book.
Amazon reviewer.

"First to say I really enjoyed this book. It is fun to read, full of wit and charm, one moment you giggle the next you are overwhelmed by emotions, but maybe mostly for women, especially when you are able to find parts of yourself in the main character. It doesn't go much into details but in a novel you can't expect this.
Sandy has a tough life with a job she's attracted in love/hate, three teenage kids and a mother suffering from Alzheimer. But she finds strength in a happy marriage and supportive friends. She's going thought significant changes in her life with all its ups and downs. And she proves that you can achieve everything when you just really try. I absolutely recommend this book."
Dana Schellig,

"This a a funny but accurate representation of a middle aged woman living life in the "Sandwich zone". Sandy is the mother of three and the daughter a wonderful woman suffering from Dementia. The story starts with Sandy feeling the pain and stress of her life stuck in the sandwich, and takes a hilarious path toward growth and self discovery to reach the other side victorious. Along the way, the author writes about the trials and tribulations of Sandy with humor and love. She also portrays Sandy's husband as a smart, loving and supportive husband, something we seldom get to see in literature. As a woman who has lived In the "Sandwich Zone" for many years, I thoroughly enjoyed this read."

"I really enjoyed the book and even recognize a few of my friends. The book was laugh out loud funny and so very true to life. Raising children on a strict budget and dealing with an aging parent with Alzheimer's is not a task for the weak but she proves that can be done with laughter and a little sadness."

"In the first scene of The Changing Room, the writer and her mother are in a department store changing room, but the real changing room of the novel refers to the transformation that most women go through during their “midlife crisis” or dealing with their roles in what we Americans refer to as the “Sandwich Generation”, caught between demands of raising children and simultaneously caring for our aging parents.
Sandy (the narrator) is juggling three children (age 10 through college age), a husband, a mother with Alzheimer’s, a job with a demanding boss, and PTA duties. The book follows Sandy as she deals with a mother who demands more and more of Sandy’s time, her husband’s business which is struggling through a depression, a demanding sales job which has little respect for middle-aged women, and tragedies in her group of girlfriends. Sandy navigates through several tragedies, each of which would have made a good tear-jerker novel in and of itself, but the story never turns maudlin. She handles every catastrophe thrown her way with humor and the strength that comes from running out of other options. The book has you near tears in one chapter, and ready to pee your pants laughing (like Sandy) in the next.
I like that Ms. Turley does a good job of rounding out the characters, even the villains. She spices up the story with generous doses of her dry sense of humor. The book is very Britsh-ey, which could go either way in America, depending on how you want to look at it. I am familiar with the English meaning of chips, crisps, knickers, car parks and biscuits, but a few of her terms threw me. I have no idea what a Matchmaker is, or an MP (but from the context I am guessing that it is a representative in the British Parliament?), and how much is a stone? There is an occasional colloquialism that throws the American ear (“pussy” means something very different in America than it does in England), but overall I thought it added to the charm of the book. I would recommend this book as good chick lit."
Connie C,

"Jane Turley is an English writer whom I have come to know through G+. She's cheerful and friendly and encouraging, and has often mentioned that she's been working on her novel. That novel is "The Changing Room". I boughta copy, keen to see what she'd produced, expecting - hoping - to enjoy it.
What I didn't expect was to be totally swept away by it. The book is written from the point of view of Sandy, a wife and mum who is a great salesperson. She doesn't love her job at the furniture store, but she likes people, and her work helps support her husband's building company in the tough times of recession. During the course of the novel, Sandy moves from her sales job at the store to a more flexible one working from home, then finds a surprising extra source of income when a friend reveals she runs a sex chat phone service.
Throughout all this Sandy is caring for her mother, who is sliding deeper and deeper into Alzheimer's. Sandy wants to put off taking her mother into care, but it has to happen eventually, for her own safety as much as for Sandy's sanity.
I won't detail everything that happens in the book, but suffice to say, I read it in two sittings. Sandy's life is busy, it's funny, it's sad, it's unexpected and familiar at the same time. More than anything, this book feels REAL. I have no hesitation in recommending this book."
Damian Trasler, Amazon US

"I really enjoyed this first book from Jane Turley being around the same age as the character in the book. I believe she also has some of her wit in Sandys' character, having to deal with her mom that has Alzheimer's is not easy, especially when she can't remember you at times, and having to work and have a household too, a husband who still finds his wife attracted and wanting sex.
Not liking her job as a sales person part time working for Mr Frosty, a friend shows up and gives her an opportunity to work for her, not really knowing what job entails. She's in between her job, and trying to find care facility for her Mum, or have her come to the house. Just a lot to delegate.
It's a fun story to read, it will keep you wanting to go to next page, not boring at all, and just the quicky statements of some Celebrity stars, Mrs. Turley, uses in her story, too funny. I would recommend this book, first time reading from this author and I loved it, thank you Mrs Jane Turley."
L Suarez, Amazon UK, Amazon US, Goodreads.

"The Changing Room was much more than I expected. The main character is a middle aged woman, Sandy, who is married with kids and was easy to relate to in terms of her struggles with work, her mother, her husband and kids, and her social interactions.

"I couldnt stop laughing! it was a really good Chick lit and i would recommend this book! i was given this book for free in return ito write a review! it was an easy read! and i couldnt have enjoyed it any less! soo witty and true for women! as one reviewer said "“The Changing Room” is about life in suburbia and how the roles of most women are fixed or predetermined early on in their lives, and how just a little a push from family and friends can change your life for the better. I enjoyed Jane’s “The Changing Room” and can only hope that she writes a sequel to Sandy’s life that is just as amazing." is Very true!!!!!!"
Autumn O. Amazon US

"This was a good read. I would definitely recommend it for people who want a humorous read. Sometimes the author would get off topic, but she came back around to what she was talking about. Was a wonderful book about being a full-time mom and full-time daughter. I got this book for free for an honest review. Thank you Jane!" reviewer

"I've been on a Paranormal kick lately, so it was quite a departure from my usual read. That said, I really enjoyed this book. The story was funny and touching. Sandy is clever, amusing, and although, she's about my age, she reminds me of one of my favorite aunts: witty, irreverent and always fun to be around."
M Stewart, Amazon US

"I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Ms. Turley has a hit with this novel and I highly recommend it to all. Hopefully a sequel is planned to tell Sandy's story."
Lynne, Amazon US

"I really enjoyed this book because I could relate to the issues with her mum and the disease of Alzheimer.It helped me and gave encouragement, because I am caregiver to my mother,who has dimentia.It made laugh and cry.I would recommend this book to anyone that maybe feeling a bit down and weary of something you may be going through, this will lift you up and make you smile. It was a good read and very much on time.Thank you much."
King's Daughter,

2This book was a genuine surprise. I found myself relating to the main character in many ways.
The bittersweet way the main character handled the sad events of her life mixed with the comedy, made this an interesting and entertaining book.2

"A really enjoyable book, witty and well observed with a deeper message for those who care to look. If you are a woman juggling many roles (what woman doesn't) then this is for you."
F S Miller. Amazon UK.

"A sweet, sad and funny book about the changes in life we all must face."
Ann, Amazon US

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